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GFC Bi-Annual Winter Ball 2012 (held Jan 19th 2013)

Its that time again to dust of your dress uniform, write your speech and prepare for the GFC Bi-Annual ball, the biggest event the the groups calendar.

In previous years we have seen themes like "Search for Spock", "Fair Haven" and "Captain Proton" for the event. This Bi-Annual Ball theme was "Engineering" focusing on the tagline "Warp to the Future", which was a way for us to look ahead to what 2013 will hold.

At around 12 noon onwards people started appearing at the Roddenberry center in Galaxy Sim, for some it was their first glance at the set which was created specially for the ball, the lead builder on the set construction was Richmerk Resident who did a fantastic job conveying an engineering design mixed in with a areas for members to sit in front of specially made console styled tables.

Pictures of star trek engineers were placed across the walls at the back of the room where the warp core stood, with nice touches below being the cooling turbines just under the core, giving it a modern yet retro feel. This area was use for the post ball dancing at the end and RP which was to follow the award ceremony.

The head table at the other side of the room was where Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby and Admiral Cobramax  Mechanique sat in 60's sci-fi style egg shaped chairs. Either side of them were strips for those coming up to collect their awards and promotions to stand before reading their speeches out at the podium in front. It gave those receiving awards the opportunity to be standing close to the group leaders.

Once people had settled down and found their seats it was time for the proceedings to start.

First event on the schedule was a Quiz, A large board behind the admirals gave instructions on how to register by simply clicking on the board. Richardjrn Weatherwax who created the quiz device, came up to the podium and set the quiz rolling. Once you had registered a drop down menu appeared on your screen with a list of multiple choices, you had 20 seconds to answer 20 questions which were a mixture of star trek engineering style brain teasers and ones about GFC general information. Sereana Westland won the quiz so congratulations to her and a big thanks to Sophie Johnson for writing much of the quiz questions.

The Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby and Admiral Cobramax Mechanique  had recorded a short message which was played over the land stream. In the message they talked briefly about the underlying theme of the ball "Warp into the future", what it meant to them and to the group as a whole. They also express the direction they would like to see the group follow in the coming year.

Below are links to watch a slides show of photo's from the ball with the message with captions (click bottom part of video and caption button to toggle it on and off), a link just to listen to the audio from this page or ones that can be passed on which should play in a browser window.


 You can listen to just the audio below and page link HERE

No sooner had the echoes of the admirals voices dissipated it was time for the main event, the award ceremony. The culmination of recognizing what members have done for the last 6 months. unlike previous GFC Balls, where awards and promotions were given separately, this year members just came up the once to receive  their accolades.

People were called up in alphabetical order and lined up either side of the admirals table. When it was time for them to deliver their speeches, they walked up to the podium to address the crowd listening intently.

Many member said what an honour it was to be given there awards, some were generally surprised at the recognition, other were deeply emotional. The general feeling was how nice to see those who have work so hard and contributed to the running of the group be acknowledged for their hard work.

After the medals and promotions had been handed out there was some commotion at the back of the hall as the medical RP headed by Songlord sparked into action read RP log HERE

Unable to stop the core breach members were ordered to evacuate the hall and ushered outside as they jettison the core. Those outside were welcome to a firework display arranged by Timol McMillan, as we stood back and watched the night sky lit up once again with a shower of lights, bangs and an assortment of coloured particles.

When the sky had finished being set a blazed it was back to the hall set to party the night away around the warp core, dancing, joking, reminiscing  about what had just passed.

More pictures can be found HERE


Angelis Bourne - Commodore
Dave Fearguis - Captain
Debbydo - Lieutenant Commander
Emilie DeSantis - Commodore
Gimonia Horten - Rear Admiral
Gokyu Ugajin - Commander
JD Matova - Vice Admiral
Jens (Jailan) - Lieutenant Junior Grade
Jin Tao - Commander
Kal Aie - Commander
Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah) - Lieutenant
Lillian Aries - Captain
Mexes Snowpaw - Lieutenant Commander
Michel Rosenstrauch - Lieutenant Commander
monkeyman8290 Firethorn - Lieutenant Junior Grade
Richardjrn Weatherwax - Captain
rsd58 Congrejo - Lieutenant Junior Grade
Snapper Desade - Rear Admiral
Songlord - Lieutenant
Sophie Johnson (Hydregion) - Lieutenant
Thomas Aker - Commander

Galaxy Star

Angelis Bourne, Cobramax Mechanique, Dave Fearguis, Dustin Sunflower
Debbydo, Jens (Jailan)Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah), Langy Moorlord,
Lillian Aries, Richardjrn Weatherwax, Richmerk, Snapper Desade,
Songlord, Sophie Johnson (Hydregion), Timol McMillan,

Red Crest

Dolamite Giffen, Farodin Rhiadra, Sereana Westland,
BunE Rabbit (TheRabbit1971)

Legion of Merit

Andromeda Quonset, BunE Rabbit (TheRabbit1971), Cain Zarco,
Damien Avedon, Dave Fearguis, Debbydo, Dustin Sunflower,
Emilie DeSantis, Ethan Muldoon, Gokyu Ugajin, Hoshi Tamura,
Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah), Snapper Desade, Sodak Xeltentat,
Sophie Johnson (Hydregion), Stones Petty


Blackrose Phantom, BlueAgate, Da5id Weatherwax,
Gimonia Horten, JD Matova, Kevin Ballard, Lillian Aries,
littleastro, marystuart4, Michel Rosenstrauch, Miku1,
monkeyman8290 Firethorn, PenelopePeril, Richardjrn Weatherwax, rsd58 Congrejo,
Sereana Westland, Snapper Desade, Sophie Johnson (Hydregion),
Taurik Xaris, T'Eiren (Bibliophile83), Thomas Aker


Andy Ketterley, Ebitsu Cliffhanger, Ethan Muldoon, Gokyu Ugaijn,
Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah), miku1, Razor Indigo, Richardjrn Weatherwax,
Tiem Sturges,


Batista Robbiani, BlueAgate, Debbydo, Dustin Sunflower,
Emilie DeSantis, Ethan Muldoon, Gokyu Ugajin,
Jimmy vehrous, Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah), littleastro,
Michel Rosenstrauch, Miku1, monkeyman8290 Firethorn,
Noshoes Baran, Richardjrn Weatherwax, Robobby Mcmillan, Sereana Westland,
Snapper Desade, Songlord, Sophie Johnson (Hydregion), PenelopePeril

Special thanks should goto those who help put this ball together.

Social Events Lead


Wolferein Foxdale
Lithian Kross     
Richardjrn Weatherwax
Snapper Desade


Sophie Johnson (Hydregion)
Richardjrn Weatherwax

Medical RP

Lillian Aries
Taurik Xaris
Nitro Landar
Ai Kikuchiyo
Sereana Westland
T'Eiren (bibliophile83)

Ball Message (audio)

Katrina Bixby
Cobramax Mechanique


Timol McMillan

Dress Uniform

Kendra Mollsen (Koreeah)


JD Matova
Snapper Desade

Post Ball Host

Snapper Desade
Angelis Bourne

As they say at the end of every bond film.

"The GFC Ball Will Be Back"

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