Sunday, 9 December 2012

Snow Way!!!

Its early December in the GFC and that can mean only on thing...

The GFC Is Covered In Snow

If you plonk your avatar somewhere on the grounds of one of the four GFC sims and push your draw distance to the max (until your computer crashes under the strain), you'll see snow spread across the GFC land, from Sovereign to Aeon, Galaxy to Constellation, the ground is covered in white, there's a cold chill in the air and people are already wearing xmas outfits, not to mention the winter wonderland scene in the new space stations holodeck (which will be up over the xmas period), where you can sit on santa's lap (i'm not going there), build a snowman, ride on the merry-go-round, don some ice skates and skate around the Christmas tree or just sit round the log fire and quote snow stories of Christmas pass.

You may have also noticed the sandbox isn't affected by the cold climate, clearly  someone has installed sandbox underground heating to keep it nice, toasty and warm for those who wants to build, unpack their shopping prims.

So, who say's Sci-Fi sims don't do Christmas.

More Pictures HERE

If you have a have a secondlife© account and viewer feel free to pop down and have a look.

Galaxy Plaza
Space Station
Winter Wonderland (Direct & Temp)

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