Thursday, 27 December 2012

AAC & Tactical Event: Land To Air Battle Returns

About a year ago trials were done to test out a specially made combat system for the gfc called JCS. The idea being it could be placed in a variety of differing devices and still work with each other.

With recent updates made to the system it was the perfect opportunity for two GFC divisions the AAC and Tactical to join forces for an event. Two teams where selected in a land to air battle, ground troops were deployed to spread themselves around the ground area of sovereign Sim. Land turrets were added to help with shooting down air attacks.

 The air team flew Gryphon's, their task was to pick out ground troops. On paper you would have banked probably on the planes being victorious, but with the ground troops ability to take more cover and the advantage of a slightly easier aiming system. though they did have to reload their rifles after a number of shots was a a definite disadvantage.

The editions of the turrets proved more of a distraction as it drew the pilots into attacking them leaving their planes exposed and easy pickings for the ground troops. Suffice to say even when the teams swapped roles, those playing land troops prevailed both times.

We all had a great time and look forward to more joint divisional ventures in 2013

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