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USS Saladin RP: Episode 9: "Him That Gives" Part 3

USS Saladin RP, 22 Aug 2012
Episode 9: "Him That Gives" Part 3

"Captain's Log, Stardate 55-94 point 5.


Begin RP @ 1128hrs

The boarding party has remained on board the Silverado to construct a containment field so that we may safely revive Captain Gerrold.  The Saladin, now more than an thirty minutes away at emergency warp, continues to pursue the mysterious Tholian ship that has maintained its distance just beyond maximum sensor range.  I have just given the order to energize the containment field and we will begin reviving Captain Gerrold momentarily."
Working together, both the medical and engineering crew managed to revive Captain Gerrold.  His condition was serious but our best estimates are that he will make a full recovery, although it will likely be lengthy.  Due to the difficulties involved with reviving Captain Gerrold and the fact that we are using make-shift medical facilities on board a damaged vessel, I decided not to revive the rest of the crew.

 The engineering crew was directed to make repairs to Silverado's engines to give us the best possible warp speed while the medical crew tend to Captain Gerrold and run tests to determine if the Tholians have altered him in any way or if he carries any pathogens.

End RP @ 1223hrs (Duration: 55m)

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Ghee th'Thane (jeffrey.thane) LCM, Acting CO
Thomas Meriweather Swift (gmmsilverstar) ENS, AWY
Nitro Landar (nitro.landar), ENS, AWY
Snapper Desade (snapper.desade), ENS, AWY

Captain Gerrold (smoov.lionheart)

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