Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fadm's 8th Birthday Party

After weeks of searching for the appropriate outfit, it was time to dust off that lycra, slip into some PVC and don that cape because last Saturday the Fadm's theme superhero party burst its way into the Roddenberry centre.

For her 8th Secondlife birthday the Fleet Admiral thought it would be a good idea if we all dressed up as superheros or villains. A fantastic street set was created by Jailan Resident and we all piled in at 1pm SLT. On show were members in a variety of comic book characters from spider-man to batgirl, superman to wonder woman all grooving to music. Super heroes boogieing down to the latest beats  has to be seen to be believed.

To also add a bit of variety a quiz was held with questions compiled by Sophie Johnson (Hydregion resident) and a prize of l$10 for every correct answer, since there were quite a few questions i'm sure some smarty pants earned enough to make a taxman give them a second look.

In addition the Fadm asked some of the guest to stand on a pose stand and explain why they chose the costumes they did. I'me sure "I make this outfit look good" must of come up a lot of times.

One feature which was being trialed was using Google+ Events to not only just invite members of the group but also had the ability to allow them to easily add pictures from the event which could be access by anyone who had an event invite, which is a nice way of logging what happens as it happens and we hope to trial this further at a later data with other events and activities.

Thanks for those who came and we hoped they all had a great time.

More Pictures HERE

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