Thursday, 16 August 2012

USS Saladin RP: Episode 8: "Him That Gives" Part 1

Captains Log: 
Ghee th'Thane (jeffrey.thane) LCM, Acting CO

USS Saladin RP, 15 Aug 2012
Begin RP @ 1111hrs

    "Captain's Log, Stardate 55-94 point 3.  We are answering a distress call from a Federation transport vessel, the Silverado.  The last communication from the Silverado indicated a life support malfunction.  An unidentified vessel appeared on our long-range scans and then communications from Silverado ceased suddenly.  We are assuming the unidentified ship is hostile and actively jamming communications.  We are on an intercept course with Silverado at emergency speed.  E-T-A, five minutes."

     Saladin sped to the location of Silverado, but not before the unknown vessel was able to reach the ship first.  Saladin encountered spatial distortions that effected the ship's warp core and had tell-tale traces of Tholian technology.  Finally within range, Saladin was able to determine that the unknown vessel was Tholian and detected an ion trail that indicated very close proximity of both the Tholian vessel and Silverado.

     The Tholian vessel continued to jam communications, which Commander Thane took as a hostile act.  He ordered Saladin to pursue the Tholians once a boarding party was beamed aboard Silverado.

Ghee th'Thane (jeffrey.thane) LCM, Acting CO
Debbydo (debbydo) ENS, Sci
Thomas Meriweather Swift (gmmsilverstar) ENS, Helm
Nitro Landar (nitro.landar), ENS, Comms
Kevin Ballard (kevinaballard), ENS, Eng

End RP @ 1157hrs (Duration: 46m)

Next Scheduled RP:
      22 August 2012, 1100hrs, Aeon Sandbox

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