Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Creating Mesh Without The Pain

So you what to take advantage of the prim saving properties of using mesh but don't want to go through all the pain of having to use out of sim 3D software on your computer and  relearning the wheel again. If you have a few spare L$ burning a hole in your pocket (around L$ 5,000 should do it) you may be able to afford something like Mesh Studio, this is a specially made product which takes the standard inworld prim objects and turns them into a mesh object.

We have a couple of videos which give a basic explanation on how this works.

If it sparks your interest you could always give it a look, like anything, purchase at your own risk, we take no responsibility if something goes wrong but all the kudos if you like it, I can't say fairer than that <Evil Grin>

SL Market: HERE
In world: HERE

Native German version of SL Intro/Review Mesh Studio Video HERE

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