Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Getting The Scores On The Boards

Just when you thought it was safe to enter Sovereign Air space Dolamite Giffen, Dustin Sunflower and Debbydo decided to take to the air and try their hand at the flight school course. The last time Dolamite took to the air the contraption he used flapped, but he geared up and after taking a few test runs got an excellent score of 38 seconds in the Delta Flyer.

Debbydo who is to piloting to what a crash test dummy is to car safety tried to see if she could at least hit red squadron requirements. Once she got use to the craft (realizing it actually is suppose to fly and not skate along the ground) she achieved the lofty heights of doing the course in the flyer in 99 seconds.

Dustin took his turn and got round in 106 seconds, so it wont be long now before he'll be donning that red squadron outfit, just 6 seconds away from glory.

As a wing leader I thought it was time to get some decent scores on the board, so got in the gryphon, powered up her burners and headed for the gates, I wasn't after doing the course in the late 30's, I wanted to shave a good few seconds of that by using the hyperspeed mode. Its as good as impossible to fly the whole course in hyperspeed so you have to toggle between that and around 100%, punching extra speed just at the right time through the gates and hitting the circular sensors bang in the middle.

It took a few tries but I got round in 29 seconds, no misses. There's probably room for improvement, but that score is not too shabby.

So the challenge for those crack pilots out there is lets see what scores you can get this week and we'll try and post then on the blog, maybe even having an online leaderboard, so watch this space, keep an eye on the sky and scores on the boards.

People are always welcome to fly with the GFC Aircorps (AAC), there are impromptu events like this one and scheduled events as listed below.

AAC scheduled events are
Wednesday 6pm SLT*
Sunday 9am SLT* 

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