Friday, 20 July 2012

Farewell Robobby, Come Back And See Us Soon

It always makes us unhappy to reports sad news, buts its just one of those days. A very popular, talented and capable members of the group has decided to wave goodbye to not just the GFC but Secondlife. Hopefully it would be a decision he may reevaluate at a later date but as his friends we respect his decision.

A message was sent to the fleet today

"You might have noticed my absence in the last week. Unfortunately I had a couple of health issues, which forced me to look at what is most important in my life. And even though I had a blast with each and every one of you, and I will miss you terribly, I need to focus on my real life. So, I will be leaving Second Life.
I want to thank you all for all the good times we had, for the laughs, the talks, the parties and for just being there when I needed it the most. "

With love,

The best way to remember the contribution someone makes is to remind ourselves of them so we have put some links below to jog your memories of the enigma that is Robobby McMillan.

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I'm sure I speak for the overwhelming majority of the group and wish rob well and hope to see him again very soon.

Richardjrn Weatherwax here, I wanted to also say how much RoBobby McMillan will be missed on my end... I met him over 4 years ago now... Doing one of the things I needed to do to join GFC in the sandbox in my spaceship. Ahh memories, We never really loose the ones we cherish as long as we keep them in our memories they will never be gone. When you go to the library give a thought for the Liberian who loved tea and brew yourself one before you go.
Thank you RoB

P.S. Sophie Johnson also wrote her own Toast to RoB

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