Thursday, 21 June 2012

More Content....Captain Proton Google Chrome Themes

Content for the Bi-Annual ball has already been released in world and now its time to take some of that content out into the great beyond, a place many call "Outside the viewer". To some, to produce content outside the viewer is close to blasphemy, but in the modern world spreading content to other area's of our lives can be fun.

So, Behold, if your a user of googles internet browser chrome we have made some chrome themes from items which have been given away so far. If wearing these characters outfits or putting on  a shirt with them plastered across it wasn't enough how about seeing them when you start your chrome browser. Yes, you too can have Dr. Chaotica staring at you the moment you want to surf the web.

To install any of the Chrome themes that has been made available just click the links below and follow the instructions.

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