Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dustin Will Be Back Soon, Someone Has to Save the Universe.

You may have noticed that you haven't seen Dustin Sunflower for a couple of days, well, when you get those secret orders from the fleet to go on some dangerous away mission there is nothing else you can say other than "Hand me that star map and give me your fastest ship".

The moment the message was sent the Horse king and Kal'd Trusted Friend, boarded his bird of pray and ventured left from the twin moon of Trinal. So, worry not that the GFC's most famous dragon will be away for a bit, he will be back very soon with tails of great victories aboard the USS Thunderstorm.

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  1. thank you debby and snapper i hope everyone read this and i have been thinking about doing the uss thunderstorm rp on friday nights but the idea is still being worked on and i miss you guys all of you at gfc are like brothers and sisters i love you guys and i will be back soon when my laptop get fixed asap and please don't let sodak replace me see you guys soon Qapla'!