Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Alternative Academy Air Corps

Flying is fun. Ask any pilot. There's one problem with flying though... if you're prone to crashing, it can be hazardous to your health. Sure, there's classes and trainings and all of that... but I have to say, I never feel completely safe in any kind of fighter plane. That means, I would never be able to experience the joy of flight.

Until now!

I read about it in a book - the things books are good for! - and decided to try it out. And yes, it worked! Without one piece of machinery, with only physics at work, I was soaring through the air. Dave joined me, and later MJ participated too! And since we were situated on top of the Academy, we became...

The Alternative Academy Air Corps!

Granted, you only go up and down, but you can do tricks too! And you can easily see the nice trees in Constellation. Isn't it amazing?

Now if only this could become a new subdivision... either that, or a compulsory officer workout, every morning!