Friday, 11 May 2012

Aircraft Carrier

There's things you don't see everyday and one of those things is an aircraft carrier floating on the water way of sovereign lake. Why was it there? Nothing sinister, wasn't like the GFC were planning on invading a small sim somewhere.

The Ship was used in Wednesday's AAC event, where it was a great opportunity for pilots to practice their take off and landing. Taking off wasn't so bad on the carrier as we took it in turns to launch planes from the deck. Its the landing which was more challenging. You couldn't approach the carrier at an angle making a realistic looking landing difficult.

The best method I found was to fly into constellation turn and approach the aircraft carrier head on crossing sims before you start lining the nose of your air craft.

Most people soon got the hang of taking off and landing smoothly, But to throw some fun into the mix Starr Jetaime jumped into a box and decided to take to the sky with other members following suit, I sure before long we may see a AAC cardboard box flying event.

More Pictures CLICK HERE

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