Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The USS Hood RP Rolls On

Good Afternoon fellow officers, Admirality, enlisted & recruits.  Monday, we continued to hold USS Hood RP, continuing the mission left over from last week, we managed to evacuate the creature from the hood, we continue regardless of crew size,  even if we have a smattering of crew, we still carry on, our missions to come are being written as this is being read, Missions that have never been experienced in GFC Roleplay, and a welcome change will come soon, we will be taking the Hood back to the 23rd century, once all sets can be built, it is my hope that each season, September to June will represent a different year, from 2269, all the way up to the early 24th century.. the RP episodes are based on unaired trek episodes, as well as stories meant for Star Trek: Phase II (which ended up becomming "The Motion Picture"

the stories are a base to start off with, nothing much but to guide the player, dialog & flow are dictated by you, the player, as with outcome. May the Great bird of the galaxy bless you & keep you..

USS Hood RP time is every Monday at 6:30pm PDT*. Its advised to meet at 6:15pm PDT* in the Aeon Sandbox HERE for pre-event briefing.

Pacific Time Zone (info).

Captain: Banditt Weintraub
First Officer: Joshua Humbridge
Operations Manager:
Engineer:  Cobramax Mechanique
Helm: Songlord Resident
Medical Officer:

Lieutenant (JG) Banditt Weintraub.
[end communication]

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