Thursday, 19 April 2012

Q + Romulan + Ferengi = A Whole Lot Of Trouble

If you like your RP busy and full of action then maybe its time to take a peek at the voyages of the USS Cymru. This week the crew's captain was taken by a Q leaving the ship in jeopardy, not without sly negotiations and the Q's ego being massaged a little did they get their captain returned only to find themselves in direct conflict with the romulan's sporting their newest ship in the fleet. It took all the skill of the crew and a cumming use of the Picard Maneuver to blind their foe and escape the region.

With the ship battered a bruised Captain Skytower called in a favour from a Ferengi for a shuttle only to find that it got impounded in the demilitarized zone with eyes watching them at the border.

What happens Next, Find out in Next weeks RP  11am Secondlife/PDT time every Tuesday.

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