Friday, 27 April 2012

The Line Up

The figure moved silently in the sandbox towards his unsuspecting crew. Computer strapped to his thigh he sauntered across the grains of sand. "Commodore" he said "Bring the group to attention". The Commodore glanced at Admiral Cobramax Mechanique, turned to the rubble of enlisted and officers behind him and declared "You heard the man" (obviously watching way too many army movies), "Stand To Attention" he continued.

Michel Rosenstrauch laid down a row of standing to attention pose balls and the group lined up ready for inspection. The admiral walked along the line muttering "shine that rank pin", "tuck in that shirt", "Clown shoes??...erm why".

 As he reached  the end of the line he looked proudly at his crew, nodded appreciably  and dismissed them before leaving for a further engagement in a galaxy far far away.

Thanks to  "The Songlord (songlord resident)" for the framed version

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