Sunday, 22 April 2012

500 Published posts

Its kind of hard to believe but we have published 500 posts on this blog!!

Debbydo's original idea was to make a simple newsletter recounting her experiences in the new trek group she had joined, but a newsletter in the form of a notecard wasn't really an efficient way of creating something and it has a very basic retro feel about it. At best it would have been a note of text with some links to pictures you have placed on there. Not very attractive and distributing it would have been a headache.

So we looked around at what was out there where you could write something people could just pop into, a blog seemed to be a nice way to go because it was straightforward. You write your article, add a picture here and there then post it.

We've had some great people working on the blog over the last year, writing funny and informative articles and it would be hard to choose the best ones because that's such a subjective argument So through out the week we are going to pick a few stories people may remember and other may not of read. Here's a list of links below from some hand picked stories posted in the first 4 months.

First Post - Relay For Life 2011

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