Friday, 23 March 2012

Second Life's New Direct Delivery Market items

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You know the feeling, you just got that new outfit from the SL market and the moment you receive it you have to go through the process of unboxing everything, wouldn't you just like to have it sent directly to your inventory in a folder, wouldn't that be grand....

Well, the waiting to some extent is over as now you can get items you purchase from SL market sent directly to your inventory, providing the item has been place on the market using the new system, here's a video below to give you more info of what its about by every ones  favorite SL video tutor Torley Linden.

What maybe interesting is in the long term how sandboxes across the grid will fair, will peoples expectation be that everything is sent straight to them as an inventory folder as appose to being pack as a box? How would this affect conventional stores? Only time will tell.

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