Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wait... what's that?

I was just enjoying the view over Aeon, when all of a sudden I noticed it. How could I have missed it before? It was huge. It was massive. It was. . . it was beautiful. All those colours, swirling around...

As it turned out, it was a subspace rupture. My brain immediately went to red alert, since the last time encountered one of those, it was in space, and I was almost sucked in, ship and all. I should be dead by now! Again.

But Crewman Kaleaon reassured me that it was save. It was a project he was working on. Quite a project indeed! Still, it seemed he knew what he was doing.

To be honest though, I wasn't quite sure if it was save, or not. Crewman Kaleaon seemed to think so, but look at what it did to Rich...

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