Saturday, 25 February 2012

Second Life Third Party Viewer Policy Changes

A new policy in how third party viewers like firestorm and phoenix functions and use certain features have been announced. Though a little confusing and unclear how exactly it will effect these viewers, we can surmise the some of the impact.

The phoenix viewer site did a really good write up on this so i'm not going to reinvent their wheel in this article, use the links below to get an idea of what is being proposed.

Phoenix viewer article HERE
Third Party Viewer Policy Changes HERE
Policy on Third-Party Viewers HERE

We will be keeping an eye on the development from a research division perspective, we'll be looking at
how this may effect present devices.

List of possible exclusions in the future.

Online indicators in viewer and scripts
viewer  indicator and colour tabs
RLV or aspects of it.

Features which aren't in the official viewer could be deemed as a violation, so in other words if it aint in Secondlife V3 you can't have it unless you work with SL for implementations in their system.

I'm sure there are going to be many discussions about the possible ramifications of this so we'll try to keep our ear on the ground and keep you informed.

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