Thursday, 16 February 2012

Phoenix Interface Coming To Firestorm?

Though the official second life software (viewer) and third party viewers like firestorm support all the features available within second life's game engine, many people are still reluctant to move away from their older viewers like phoenix which though giving you most of the experiences are missing some of the newer features.

Recently phoenix was able to hold on to much of its loyal following due to finding a way to incorporate the new higher quality and lower resource mesh building feature. One of the biggest reasons for people to stand firm by it has been a reluctance to abandon the interface they've used for years, well, this reason may be unnecessary as there is work on the way to add a user interface (UI) which closely resembles that of V1 viewers like Phoenix by having that as a UI selection.

The video below was posted about a week ago and those who don't necessarily keep up to date with the Phoenix and firestorm's blog may have missed the info which could possibly change the way they use their viewers in the future.

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