Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Peace will come

Sometimes we see nothing in front of us due to the blindness caused by our own angry at the people that hurt us.
we Run full speed ahead into pain and regret because we can not get past our need for Vengeance feeling that we are owed revenge.
Recently i have fallen into this trap. I was hurt by a couple friends who I thought were Close friends who would be there for me they way i was there for them.
I was torn by anger and my need for inner peace.
As i sat to meditate and try to sort out these feelings a very peaceful thought came to me, a simple phrase that I guess until this moment has never really ment anything to me " never Give up" Even when you feel that the world is against you, even when you have no one to turn to, even when the attacks keep coming wave after wave... always remember to stay strong and "never give up"
the Light will return and defeat the darkness, the Peace will return to push away the anger, the Happiness will defeat the sadness and time will continue to pass along as it always does.
I am Calm now as a tree that at the end of a storm, i am shaking off the last of the wind and the clouds are lifting. always remember you can not control those around you but you can control yourself.. be the better person ... in the end peace will come ...
i feel the need to share this with you all because i feel it is a lesson that many time we are forced to learn over and over and over.. and i know we are all better then that... i love you all and I know sometimes you are the lighthouse and simetimes you are the ship lost at sea but no matter what true friends will always shine brighter

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