Thursday, 9 February 2012

New AAC and Tactical Uniforms Revealed

Uniforms are a bit like buses, you wait around, twiddle your thumbs and then 3 all come at once. The lucky divisions to receive an apparel facelife are the AAC and Tactical.

Kendra Mollsen ( Koreeah Resident) has created a Jumpsuit for the AAC and  Standard Uniform for Tactical personnel..

Katie Zwilling has been busy finalizing the armored gear for Tactical which will only be available to those members who have achieve certain tasks in Tactical. No free lunch here, you want it, you gonna have to earn that armored bad boy which also comes in 3 colours.

Contact the AAC and Tactical leads for the latest information and distribution regarding these cool new uniforms.

AAC Jumpsuit

Standard Tactical Uniform

Tactical Armored Gear

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