Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tinker Tanker Soldier Flier

This weeks AAC events saw our intrepid fliers battle in an Air to Land battle in the skies above the AAC Holodeck.

Dustin and Isobel were elected to man the Tanks and the rest of us piloted our physical flight plane in a game of who could shoot each other down first.

The one thing you'll notice regarding piloting physical flight planes is that they are a lot harder to control then the regular hover and mouselook alternatives, this did give the tanks a slight advantage as we were being shot out of the sky like flies to insect spray. But it was fun still flying those older planes and getting use to the more realistic control system. I can tell you it aint easy lining your plane up and hitting a target be it moving or stationary on the ground, it still requires a lot of dexterity and some nifty navigation skills.

The event ended with Dustin being the last man or should that be the last tank standing as the rest of us crawled out of our burning vehicles.

Move pictures HERE.

AAC Events:

Sunday 9am SLT*
Wednesday 6pm SLT*
Thursday 6pm SLT*

* Secondlife time/pst

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