Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tactical Events Return

It's been a busy week for the tactical division, first they announced kai Aie as the new lead with Sophie Johnson joining as assistant alongside Dustin Sunflower.

Their action packed week kicked off with an inter-divisional events between the AAC, tactical and research to help test the new JCS weapon and health meter system which showed off its land to air capabilities by having ground troops with rifles taking on pilots in the air baring down on them in gryphon's. I always feel if you use cover properly and target your foe then even ground troops can take a few of those fly boys down.

The second part of the event was testing tanks v gryphons. We positioned our tanks and then watch a herd of gryphon's attacking them like a starving man to a piece of finely cooked meat. All in all it showed the possibilities of the  JCS system which we have only touched on.

On Friday the second event the new look tactical team arranged  an apocalyptic zombie shoot fest. The first port of call was to have a briefing in the tactical office, gather our arms and head to the deserted waste land which was populated with the undead and giant spiders who relentlessly followed you around the ruin city set. I can't tell you the amount of clips I unloaded but streams and streams of zombies kept heading towards us, take one down and there were two more round the corner. Everyone had a great time and it's great to see tactical back where it belongs and like many people will be looking forward to the new events coming from the team over the next few weeks.

More Pictures Here

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