Thursday, 12 January 2012

Research and Friends New years radio special

The research's new years special Radio show is finished with 5 hours of footage squeezed into 75 minutes of Chaotic craziness.


Celebrating New Years in 3 timezone.
How to murder the song Old Lang Syne.
Hardcore RPing and how to get yourself kidnapped.
The Nelly the elephant and how to save lives with it..
Reindeer fashion and cuddly Commodore
New Years resolutions.
Speaking clock
Pubs names, drunk people who walk into windows.
And much much more.

Starring Richardjrn Weatherwax, Snapper Desade, Yalene (6 of 9), Leo T Ravenhart, Dustin Sunflower,Christian Zifanwe, Debbydo

listen out for when its being played in world on the GFC stream with a link to the blog soon.

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