Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The AFK wax museum

brand new AFK Wax Museum in they sand box lol ...

Richard and Debbydo on display

[12:04] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): :D i think they are not here
[12:04] Jens (jailan): hehe, yea i think your right
[12:04] Jens (jailan) pokes richard
[12:04] Jens (jailan): yup not there :P
[12:05] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): lol
[12:05] Jens (jailan): they lost their souls!
[12:05] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): lol they are brain numb we have no cure
[12:06] Jens (jailan): lol
[12:06] Jens (jailan): yup we better put them in a trash can
[12:06] Jens (jailan): before they start to smell
[12:08] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): display case
[12:08] Jens (jailan): primitive man exhibit ?
[12:09] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): this is what people looked like way back then
[12:09] Jens (jailan): hehe
[12:09] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): notice the way they stand on only two feet
[12:09] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): lol
[12:10] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): this female was considered beautiful by they primitive males of her time
[12:11] Jens (jailan) nods and what about the other one ?
[12:12] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): well mans with wings was ..... well .... weird f or his time him may have been a muntant from they Xmen
[12:13] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): these two wax figures accuratly represent the primitive nature of this once thriving culture
[12:13] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): lol
[12:13] Jens (jailan): lol
[12:13] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): thiis is the AFK wax museum
[12:14] Jens (jailan): we need more show pieces! :P
[12:14] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): notice they white lab coat it was a symbol that this man was a meat cutter
[12:18] Kendra Mollsen (koreeah): an this female is wearing boots which means her is nt married .. females of this time were forced to never wearing boots so they could not run