Monday, 16 January 2012

AAC Fire Fighting Event

Greetings all

G-Man here

Well on Sunday 1/15/12 we held an event that was new to AAC. We've done alot from dog-fighting to parachuting. From rescuing hostages, to capturing starships. But today we fought fires! Not in the contemporary 24th century way. But taking our cue from our ancestors from the 21st century, we flew in antique machines called Helicopters. Our brave ancestors actually flew these machines over a body of water, dropped a hose into it, thus filling a water tank. Then they flew to the fire and dropped the water on it, hopefully putting it out.
So today, in the interests of training in all types of aircraft, and just because it is really fun! *smiles* We gave our pilots these helicopter machines, gave a few instructions on how to use it, and sent them off to fight some fires.
Truthfully I was a bit worried with this event. Learning to fly a new machine is hard enough, but having to also put fires out in a timely manner, I thought might be too much for some of our pilots. But in true AAC spirit, our pilots rose to the occasion, and it turned out to be a fantastic fun event. Just watching all the birds in the air was enjoyable, but then watching the pilots jostle for position as they tried to fill their water tanks, and then make a run on the fires was priceless. I definitely want to thank all of the pilots who showed up today to make this a wonderful event. Below are some pictures of the event. Enjoy!

as always

Lt. Gokyu Ugajin
Red Squadron Leader

How many choppers in a Gaggle?

1 filling, 1 making a run on a fire

Showing off, doing it backwards!

One Pilot wanted to be a submarine

ooopsy, but pilot got out safely

Working Hard!

Trying hard to drain Sov Lake


We did get Wet!

Anyone need a used Helicopter...Cheap!

The Awesome Pilots of today's Event!


  1. Yay......my random sphere in the background that I used to get Katie into the picture! \o/

  2. had a great time lets do it again