Friday, 9 December 2011

Meditation for Peace!

Many Member of GFC Met lastnight in the Aeon Sandbox to meditate for Peace and to celibrate Bodhi Day.
Some even shared there feelings about love and peace.

[20:55] Starr Jetaime: love brings hope to the hopeless and gladdens the heart of the sorrowful

"Dharma is good, but what constitutes Dharma?
To do no evil and a great deal of good.
To be kind, generous, thruthful and pure."
(Ashoka (273BCE-232BCE)

one more from my collection
Sodak Xeltentat: "If you stop talking and thinking, then there is nowhere you cannot go.
Returning to the source, you gain the meaning;
chasing forms, you lose the wholeness.
A moment's true insight transcends all."
(Jianzhi Segcan D.606)
Sodak Xeltentat: this is one of my favorites

today i remind myself of a challenge i did take long ago when i was little
it is simple
only with ever person you will met even those you already know try everyday to share you own happiness with them even if there is anger
i know in GFC sometimes we can get upset .. it is ok to be upset only remember it is good to love eachother :D
today i see people have anger over small issues ... only rmember it is ok to feel this way but that it is good to remember nothing is more important than friends and loved one :D .. not even star trek is more important
let us share our light as they quote says :D

you are a single candle :D
help others to light there own candle and you will be even better for it
i love you all truly i do i have not feel so welcome before an i love start trek so much it is good that i can be here to share it with you all
let us remember that meeting anger with more anger never will work
let us remember this and know that even when our close friends is with anger we can accept them an help to make them happier

i want you all knowing i am here for you even in your most anger i will listen and be here to talk

I am very thankful for GFC an those people init :D i have make so many great friends here .. people like you all and Damien :D it is wonderful to have this place to share with everyone

Today i challenge everyone to do express to you friends and those in GFC why you are thankful for them and how they make you life happier :D

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