Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bi-annual Ball Fair Haven Bar Is Open

We know the theme for the winter ball will be based on the voyager episode "fair haven" and now the location has been open to the public, so a couple of us sauntered down there to the roddenberry centre where we were welcomed by a peculiarly placed holodeck door. On entering it a street set was revealed with shop fronts and other pavment paraphernalia. We found the entrance to the Sullivan's pub and walked.

A quaint Irish bar had been built sporting ye 'ol fire places and interactive pint levers. Richard weatherwax got behind the bar and started pulling pints like a pro whilst the rest of us just stood next to it as if it needed proping up.

The next room was adorned with tables, chairs,  a podium and stands for those collecting awards. This is where the bi-annual winter ball 2011 will be held.

Angel DeLaCroix (angel sachertorte) should be congratulated for leading this build, so we all raised a pint of guinness or whatever their poison was, knocked it back repeatedly and waited for unconsciousness to overcome us as the bar security video seems to indicate below.

More Pictures HERE

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  1. While it is a little difficult to enter, inside the public house is very nice and will be a most pleasant variation on prior Balls.