Friday, 16 December 2011

Andy in Swimsuit, eye burning shocker!!!!!

As far as I'm concern the labcoat is the most mulit-purpose outfit in the fleet, in my humble opinion it goes with anything and can be worn during virtually any situation.

Births and Deaths : Labcoat, makes you look like a doctor.
Parties:  A strippergram
Dinners: a chef or butcher.
Office: Warehouse worker.
Home: Decorator.
Computers: A Geek.

But I hear you cry, what about on a hot day with the sun beating down on some sandy beach. Well last week that theory was tested out. Myself, Andy Ketterley, Damian Firecaster, Malic Skytower and Debbydo all popped up to Risa for some sun, sand and strange alcoholic drinks which all seem to have umbrella's in then.

Debbydo didn't strip off so we all said "ahhh" and put our cameras away.
Malic and Damian both donned shorts which looked like a five year old coloured them in.

And Andy....Erm.....well I'm not sure what to call what Andy had on, its an outfit even robobby wouldn't wear and that's saying something. You don't know whether you should laugh or scream, do both or just go into counselling. I think we should petition to extend the dress code to nothing less than Bikini's,short's and Andy's swimsuit.

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  1. "its an outfit even robobby wouldn't wear"

    Actually... that's not quite true. There are pics of me wearing something similar... sadly. It's called a 'mankini', and it's the worst, stupidest purchase I've ever done. But at least it gave everyone a good laugh... or a good scare. Or both. :P