Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mission: "Double Trouble"

Computer... begin log.
Lt.Cmdr K. Juliesse. Stardate 111102.1

After a bit of HALO jump training I resumed my post aboard USS Paris. A transmission was received over a secure channel. It turns out that an old acquaintance wanted to pass along information to me without official channel interference. What initially seemed a laughable matter turned out to be a grave situation and what I initially thought was a hat on his head turned out to be something completely different.

According to said proprietor, who's name shall be withheld to protect his interests and honor the prearranged agreement, Tribbles have been breeding aboard DS19 station. After rambling on about self interests and loss of profits for a significant waste of time, he continued with more important information. "You don't understand. This isn't just an issue of breeding fur-balls. They........... explode."

A scan of a specimen beamed aboard confirmed the augmented alteration of DNA with a highly combustive proteins that are triggered by a sequence of follicle nerve stimuli . In other words. Pet the tribble you get blown to pieces. How they got on the station and what the intent is unknown. An act of terrorism? An experiment gone wrong? A fatal fraternity prank? I can only speculate. Either way, the...... tribble bombs, for lack of a better term, will lure innocents under federation watch and come to harm. This cannot be allowed. Captain James T. Kirk only had ONE bomb to look for and it was a device.

This time.... the tribbles themselves explode. Kamikaze Tribbles.... Who would have thought. Perhaps the Klingons will hate the tribbles a tiny bit less .... then again it isn't the Tribbles with a cause to die in honor. It's someones sinister plot to wreak havoc.

USS Paris is on a routine training mission within an asteroid field for pilot combat maneuvers and dilithium deposit mining. To birds with one stone. Or rather Two stones with one bird.
Our mission is to clear the asteroid field and head to DS19 to deal with the problem. Gather specimens and .... dispose of the rest.

Mission begins at 00:00 hours SLT. Wensday/Thursday cross over. All AAC personnel and guests welcome to join us. We'll need all the help we can get.

Galaxy Fleet Command
Lieutenant Commander
Kaori ..::K::.. Juliesse


  1. Your posts are brilliant K. Hope to be able to make it, sounds awesome!!!