Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Tactical Hostage Rescue

By Captain Dolamite Giffen

GFC Tactical has received numerous reports of missing officers. GFC security has their hands full trying to contain this threat. They have called on the Hazard Team department of Tactical. Alpha Team Leader Janel Doune has taken the responsibility.

Alpha Team Searched the HQ for any information, and found Assistant Chief Of Security Commander Bigmoe Whitfield (Moe). He informed them of the threat... and sent the team on their way. He was eventually kidnapped for ousting the cardassian cell.

The Hazard team returned to his location only to be fired upon by a cardassian vessel orbiting the planet... the HQ was sent into disarray as torpedoes began bombing the planet.

Onboard the station, Moe sent a message informing the team of some vital information, but was killed in the process. Strategic Ops sent a ship to dispatch them.The hazard team tracked a feint transporter signature once the ship was destroyed. It led to the station.

Once onboard the station the team found no crew, accept for 1 cardassian life sign. Janel quickly neutralized the cardassian... but alas he had a trick up his sleeve and died.

Not bad for our first Official Sanctioned Tactical Event Called.... Hostage Rescue!

More Pictures HERE

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