Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Missing Expresso Machine (FOUND)

Greetings All

G-Man here

I am here to report that your APTT Successfully Battled THE BORG, defeated the evil drones, and freed the missing Expresso machine from is prison cell. (not sure why it was imprisoned. Maybe it was going to be assimilated and forced to serve expresso to all the borg?)
But it is home, and back on the FADM's desk. The entire team received a hearty Well Done from the FADM.

Freed from a lifetime of Borg Servitude

As for the Mission itself, 16 brave and hearty souls showed up to help us defeat the evil Borg.

Final briefing

Once the team was equipped for the HALO jump, and armed, they readied themselves for the leap into space!

Ready to Jump

The first out was MCPO Malcolm Sholokhov, affectionately known as "treerat"         
After a long freefall from Orbit, the team lined up on the signal beacon, and began their approach to the target:

Good Chutes in sight

Bulls eye by Starr

Recruit Monkeyman Lines up
Once the team was assembled, they quickly swept through the building, and the droves of Borg that awaited them. And as it turned out, it was the lowest among us that completed the mission. Recruit Monkeyman8290, was the first of the team to find the hidden cell, and free the expresso machine. Congratulations Recruit Monkeyman!
After the battle, the team met for a final briefing before being beamed back aboard the Paris, and returning home.

Standing down from Battle
Congratulations once again to the great effort by the APTT members!

As for me, I definitely would like to thank all of the people who showed up for this event! I love putting them together, and seeing everyone have fun doing them. But it's the members who really do all the work, taking the time to show up and actually do the missions and rp's. Without them our wonderful sims would sit empty. But last night's mission was a fantastic success! We had 16 people show up to either participate or observe the mission. We had thought it was a record for our event, but Captain Desade pointed out that on an event that I held on 6/18/2011, we also had 16 participants. So although we only tied the record last night, it was still a wonderful success, and again I thank all who take the time to come to these events. I know it makes me want to keep having them  :)

Until next time

Ltjg Gokyu Ugajin

P.S. I almost totally forgot. Last nights mission was to put to use the new tactical building I requested. It is an awesome build, and more than a few people got lost in it's twists and turns *coughs* Admiral Cobramax  *smiles*
But I wish to thank Six of Nine for her awesome work! She designed and built it in about 3 days after I requested it, and it is awesome. Thanks again Six!

Exterior View, inside you have to see for yourself :)

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