Saturday, 17 September 2011

You know we all look up to you sir

One of the most interesting aspects of testing a text viewer for second life this that your never exactly sure what is happening to your avatar when you arrive in world, so you could understand our amusement when Admiral Cobramax Mechanique TPed into Aeons Sandbox defying the laws of gravity, physics and making Newton roll in his grave by floating unceremoniously 7 feet from the ground.

If that wasn't frightening enough he proceeded to speak....

Lets just say, if he was auditioning for a dalek he would have got the job. With a bit of encouragement from Malic Tolsen, witty repartee from my direction and giggles from Lillian Aries the Admiral overcame his voice distortion problems to now sound from inhuman to partially human as he fiddled with his mic settings, any improvement was welcomed over terminally ill dalek.

So if your coming in world on a text viewer watch out for the giggles and those taking picture.

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