Friday, 30 September 2011

The USS Thunderstorm rides again

With the revelation last week that the romulans have cloned the borg, why i dunno, they just did. The crew of the starship USS Thunderstorm captained by Dustin Thunderstorm (Dustin Sunflower) searched the answers to the universal questions of why, how and when were the borg cloned.

The adventure took us from the bridge of the starship Thunderstorm to an abandoned romulan craft to discover the answers to questions that required more questions to answer them.

Admiral Cobramax Mechanique made a guest appearance in the RP and we some how got him blown up when a romulan ship went supernova.....Well, its fokelore what can we say, he had a red shirt on.

The crew prevailed in...erm...not being in that explosion and lived to warp 9 for another week.

If you want to be part of this light hearted and tongue in cheek RP beam yourself to the Aeon Sandbox for 5:15pm SLT for  RP briefing and have fun with the crew of the USS Thunderstorm, RPing will never be the same.

USS Thunderstorm RP - Monday 5:30pm SLT

RP Photo's HERE

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