Thursday, 25 August 2011

Yet another cool Tactical Event

Last friday, August 19th, we had a good time with tactical exercises in Sovereign sim.

Captain Orika Oakleaf, former Tactical Group Leader, honored us with her presence, and contributed a lot for the fun and with technical advice. She also provided us some cool looking trophies made by her former assistant.

Dustin Thunderstorm, Roy New Guy, Kaori Juliesse, Starr Jetaime and Gokyu Ugajin were also there to provide us a great time.

We had a warm up with a little hide and seek, where one person was armed and had to find and shoot down the others, who were not armed. The hunted were allowed to use radio headset to communicate and try to help each other by revealing the hunter's position.

When everybody showed up we progressed to some more complex exercise. We split into 2 groups (Group 1 was Dustin, Gokyu and Kaori, Group 2 was Orika, Starr and Roy), both groups would compete to find me and shoot me down. Here everybody could use weapons, and both groups could shoot each other to prevent the adversary team from getting to me first. We used the entire sim, the ground area and the lake, it was pretty cool.

Dustin's group won that exercise. After that we finished with a nice good old last man standing, everybody against everybody, through the entire sim. Me and Kaori were the last ones.

We shall try to repeat it every friday, around 5pm SLT. We have many types of exercises planned, and also the already traditional Bat'leth Championship, so participants can choose what they want to do.

Also allow me to remind you Tactical group welcomes any ideas for events, we develop and test weapons, combat systems, and we have a shooting range in Tactical Office in Aeon, if you want to sharpen your skills.



  1. I created the concept for the arena during my tenure as Tatical Lead,it was originally placed in Consti. After various events in there we discovered that shots could be fired into the residential area.

    So i arranged to have built shielding that protected the surrounding areas, this did not for some reason get carried over in the move.

    Perhaps a solution to the problem would be to get one of our engineers to re build the shielding.

    Kind Regards

    Lt.Cmdr Mathy

  2. I've already contacted Group Assets and we're working on it. Thanks for all the feedback on that issue.