Friday, 26 August 2011

Micro Invasion Continues

Greetings all

G-Man here

Why are all these GFC Officers just standing around you may ask?

Why their watching the slow invasion of micro's creeping up on them. It's true readers. The micro's are slowly but surely gaining a foot hold here in GFC. We now even have our own bridge RP set!

 It's true! Here we are on our own Command Bridge. Giving orders just like you normals do *smiles*

And it's so much smaller than your normal bridge. You could fit an entire Galaxy class starship inside the sandbox easily.

Our Invasion continues my friends. Soon I will hold all of GFC in the palm of my hand. Soon all the normals will feel the power of........ ummmm *coughs* What I mean to say is, the integration of the micro's into GFC culture continues. We've come along way and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us Micro's. *smiles*

Until next time



  1. Nice one G, once i can sort my micro out I will be joining in the micro rps.