Friday, 1 July 2011

Sim border ahead - Panic

Some of you may have noticed already but new signs on the roads adjacent to the sim boarders have appear warning you of probable impending doom if you go any further and cross directly into another sim where you'll experience the fun sensation of uncontrollably walking and sinking into the ground until your avatar is snapped back in to position across the next sim.

Its the Real Life (tm) equivalent of going into a bar and drinking copious amounts of seriously strong alcohol, then attempting to walk unaided through the bar front door. You wont actually remember walking through the door, nobody with that level of inebriation does, but you next memory would be "Hey i'm outside, how did I get here".

Of course this isn't very useful if your travelling by any other means than walking across the sim using the pavement.....Do people still do that, I created as teleport system so i wouldn't have to do that! Do people do that because of the experience of walking and looking at the scenery rezzing in front of them as they curse the fact their computer isn't fast enough to rending it quickly, so they turn down the settings on their PC and it suddenly becomes nice and snappy but it only renders stuff 10 meters away from them, They get kinda pee'd with that because by the time they see the warning message their avatars face has already smashing into the border and they're getting that sinking feeling again...Literally....so they put graphics up to medium just to be on the safe side.

So if your one of those people who likes taking the scenic route and smelling the prims flowers  then the signs are a welcome reminder that your about to walk into a temporary  state of oblivion....You can't say you weren't warned.

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