Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Roleplay adventure with the U.S.S Ajax

The USS Ajax RP is probably the longest running continuous Role-play event in secondlife, the crew of Ajax meet every Tuesday at 6:30pm PDT in the Aeon sandbox.

This week we saw the continuing trial of banditt, check out screenshots here.

With more than half a dozen scheduled RP's a week and impromptu events that can happen at any time, plus numerous RP sets including a huge DS19 build and public holodecks. The GFC is the place to fulfil your RP needs. Come down, enjoy and become a fleet officer.

(update: Now moved to Rezzer in the Space Station holodeck)

Plus numerous more locations covering the GFC's expansive 4 sims.

Check location list HERE
Check Calendar on on this page for RP times in upto 10 timezones.

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