Thursday, 9 June 2011

Academy Air Corps

Greetings all

My name is Ensign Gokyu Ugajin and I belong to a wonderful group of people here in GFC known as the AAC or Academy Air Corps. We are the pilots of GFC and as this is my first time at blogging, I thought I would introduce you to this great bunch of people.
The leader of our group is the lovely Commander Emilie DeSantis

She rides herd over our crazy group of pilots and does an outstanding job of it.
Her trusty right hand man is Lieutenant Sodak Xeltentant. A Vulcan by race, he always presents a cool outward appearance, but I know that there are times when he is pulling his hair out at some of the crazy antics of his pilots.

The AAC is divided into 3 squadrons, Green, or "Sigma" squadron is Commanded by Lieutenant Kaori Juliesse. This is usually the first squadron a rookie pilot is assigned to. Here they begin to learn the ropes of flying and becoming a member in good standing of AAC. Lt "K" takes these noobie pilots and in no time has them flying like pros!

Red Squadron is commanded by yours truly Ensign Gokyu Ugajin. We are the fighter pilots of the AAC. We fight hard, but we also party hard. Woe be it to any enemy that crosses our sights, because Red Squadron will make short work of them! In this squadron, the pilots learn combat skills, from dog-fighting in one on one battles with other pilots to parachuting into hostile enemy territory and completed whatever mission they have been assigned.

And finally we have Blue Squadron or "Nova" Nova Squadron is commanded by Ensign Thomas Akers. Thomas is definitely one of our better pilots, but then he has to be because that is what Nova is all about. The best of the best! Only the pilots with the best times in our fighter school course, along with awesome fighter combat skills and the ability to do complicated maneuvers and acrobatics will get you into Nova Squadron. Nova squadron flies all the air shows for GFC and they are truly
This is a link to a video from our winter ball of 2010, and the air show that Nova squadron flew:

Well this has been a very small glimpse into what the AAC is all about. We are currently hosting 2 weekly events in GFC. Wednesdays at 6pm slt is our combat/flying event. Each week we try and do something different to let the pilots learn about flying the GFC sims and to improve their overall piloting skills, along with tactical skills. And on Thursday at 6pm slt we host a bridge rp which has started out very well, and we hope it continues to improve. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on GFC and the AAC in particular. I hope to continue to bring you more insights into what we do here in GFC, and how much fun we really have. Until next time Happy Flying

Ensign Gokyu Ugajin
Red Squadron Leader


  1. That is a fantastic article and has given me the idea contact leads of each division to write a similar article about their departments, so new people know what is going on and which groups to join.

  2. Brilliant Article G :) Nice one.