Friday, 1 July 2011

AAC Delta Flyer vs Gryphon

Last week's Delta Flyer vs Gryphon report get lost in space some how. The GFC postal service has been investigating how the message disappeared and which triple moon planet it now resided on. Posting to the wrong address in space could be the difference of round the corner, afew lights years away, an asteroid field, a worm hole or region of space occupied by the borg who are so bored now they assimilate even old technology like blackberries.

Earlier reports of it being eaten by space monsters has been ruled out because for one space monsters only exist in debbydo's mind, like father Christmas, The tooth fairy and governments reducing taxes. It has also been claimed that it was lost forever in a tragic sim boarder crossing accident. This can't be confirmed or denied due to the simple fact no one cared enough to stand at the boarder staring into space for half and hour.

The AAC pilots donned their flight gear and boarded their jets for a session of air2air combat. Could the Delta flying last five minutes with the deadly gryphon. From the scrunched up report scribbled on a piece of toilet paper we were able to decipher some of it once we fed it through the GFC nonsense translator.

"Delta flier with its sleek maneuverability was able to dodge the gryphon for longer than expected in a flight game of cat and mouse, but when it came down to sheer seek and destroy the Flier was no match for the brute force the gryphon extolled on its smaller brethren as its lasers ripped into its shiny hull."

So after a hard day's piloting they made their weary way back to USS Paris to park their ships, compare battle scars and hide pieces of the Delta Flier before the cleaner finds them and moans its not their job to clear up bits of wing and fuselage.

More Pictures of the AAC Event HERE

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