Thursday, 26 May 2011

He got Ruthed, again!!!

Snapper sporting a lovely pair

Recently virtually every time Captain Snapper Desade has come in world his appearance  turns him to his feminine side into a lovely lady called Ruth.

 This seems to be happening a lot with members and can be particularly disturbing when it happens to a male avatar, this obviously shows the linden gods knew who were the superior sex and created their main avatar as a woman. You don’t see us women getting Johned, so it’s a guy thing.

I should buy him a push up bra now.
How many men would admit being Ruthed or get embarrassed when they are Ruthed in public. Maybe most of them don’t know they are Ruthed until it’s too late because on their screen they are sometimes still ghosting whilst the rest of us can clearly see a sudden unexpected growth in their chest area, a more pronounced waistline and a wiggly butt to die for. Not the most manly appearance but usually it’s already happened by the time they figure it out.

So if you see male fleet members suffering from a bout of Ruthing, send them to medical so the doctors can administer a hyperspray whilst trying not to laugh.

What Snapper see's on his screen.

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