Tuesday, 24 May 2011

#galaxyfleetcommand first

After noticing no one had used the hash tag #galaxyfleetcommand I thought a game of Chinese whispered was in order so I asked roving reporter debbydo to asks our gfc resident academy chief Dave Fearguis if he used twitter. Dave's avatar mused over the question for a second, rolling round the relvence of the enquiry at that time of the evening. With his musing at an end he asked what snapper desade had in mind. Snapper with the excitement of a turtle baring his name and too lazy at the time to load sl up on his computer passed the message through debbydo who was now being treated like the middleman in a two way conversation. Snappers thinking was in the absence of a dedicated twitter account for the GFC, we could post using #galaxyfleetcommand in our messages. This would mean all message with that hash tag would be searchable easily and added to your twitter account as a way of passing information about the GFC when your out if the sim, it could be used for reminder about an event or just some general chitchat between memebers.
That idea seems to have traveled straight up Dave's flag pole and was waving in the wind like an excited child one episode away from a full star trek box set.
Within a few minutes #galaxyfleetcommand first message hit twitters servers like a laser bolt hits a red security officer the moment he beams down to a planet. Before you knew it, messages were flying round that hash tag like flies to last night's dinner.
Hopefully we can exploit the use of hash tags in our quest to taking the fleet beyonds the realms of the sl viewer and bring some of that community spirit into the real world as well.
So come join in and send a message using #galaxyfleetcommand and lets boldly go where no hash tags has gone before.... cue tos theme music... Dah da da, da dah da dah dum.
Snapper desade
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  1. Glad to see you got it stated Deb. Awesome start!


  2. thank you there is more to come and everyone is welcome to join in.