Monday, 7 September 2015

Star Trek Aurora

Driving my beat up old cargo ship Rocinanté back and forth between dirt colonies on the wrong side of the Klingon Empire can get pretty... well... let's just say "tiresome", so me and my pet tribble Gromit decided to take a little R&R on a small outpost named Aurora Station, somewhere in the Phobos Sector. You know... R&R... Rum and regurgitation.

Hanging out in a bar full of drunken Naussicans and lugubrious Lurians got old really quick though, so I went to take a nap in the station's small movie theater. They were showing some old 21st-century scifi flick named "Star Trek Aurora". Instead of falling asleep though, I was quickly mesmerized by the bright, unexpected storyline as it unfolded before my eyes in that darkened room.

It was about another pair of plucky cargo runners, but unlike my ruggedly-handsome self and my scruffy pet tribble, it followed the unlikely adventures of a pair of beautiful, smart, sexy, tough women pilots.

actual screencap from Star Trek Aurora

As the movie unfolded though, Gromit noticed something and squonked his observation at me. He was right. Certain things in the movie did look very, very familiar. For example, these three items:

actual screencap from Star Trek Aurora
actual screencap from Star Trek Aurora
Yup, sure enough, when the credits ran at the end of the movie, Gromit's suspicions were confirmed.

actual screencap from Star Trek Aurora
It was some fun 3D work I had done a lifetime ago and had completely forgotten in the intervening years, but the maker of this awesome animated Star Trek movie had apparently stumbled onto some internet page, made his way all the way to the back past the cobwebs, reached way up to the top shelf where no one ever looked, and found my old 3D props lying there, dusted them off, and made them look fantastic on screen, better than I ever imagined they could look.

Ego thus fully fortified for at least a month and spiritual energy revitalized against the ever-present forces of contention and childishness, I picked up Gromit, stuffed him back in my pants pocket (or am I just glad to see you), stumbled across legs and toes out of the dark movie theater, and headed back to the Rocinanté, ready once again to face the travails of doing business in the Galaxy.

written by
Absalom West, Captain, SS Rocinanté
(aka richmerk, aka Merky)

- - - - - - -

Yeah, you're absolutely right. This post was a bit of a shameless plug for my stuff, but I really did re-find this wonderful gem of a Trek movie the other day and remembered the small part I played in its creation, but much more importantly, this is a LOUD plug for this movie!

If you haven't seen it, WHY NOT?!

It's definitely worth a watch. Don't let it's animated nature dissuade you. The story is unique, the characters are charming, the CGI is solid, the voice acting is convincing, and the music is original.

Two thumbs up.


Star Trek Aurora
Richard A. Merk's 3D Models

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