Sunday, 17 March 2013

Star Trek: Aurora

Star trek: Aurora is a fan made CGI movie based in the trek universe, it tells of a cargo ship captain Kara Carpenter and her Vulcan first officer T'Ling as they try to freight their wares in a competitive and dangerous part of space. The film is set just after the TOS era and without giving any spoilers away the story flirts with alternate universes in a very entertaining manner.

originally this was released as five episodes but this version has it all put together as one movie. It was something I had it on my youtube favourite list for months and just never got round to watching until debbydo said she had viewed it earlier and I wouldn't get any dinner if i didn't watch it to, well i'm glad I did and dinner was nice.

Below are links to the original website for more information about the creation of the movie, the youtube channel with the full and episodic versions plus a fun teaser for the next Aurora adventure and it looks set to be better than the first.

Enjoy watching Aurora, keep watching it all the way through it is worth it.

Official Website --.> HERE
Youtube Channel --> HERE
Teaser Trailer New Movie --> HERE

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